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   About Us
        GRM (THAIALND) CO., LTD. is an exclusive sole agent to distribute the Green Resources Material throughout Thailand under the name BIOWOOD.

        Our products were produced in Indonesia by PT. Green Resources Material under PT. Latrade Batam Indonesia, with their effort in striving to protect the environment, and continuous research and development, they have come up with an innovative solution to serve customers need while never forget to save the earth and contribute back to the society. Our green resource material is for today’s future.

   What is Biowood?
         Biowood is a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material made from 70% plantation forest wood and 30% addi tives and Plastic.

         The 70% wood part of Biowood is from plantation grown wood. Sawmill waste is collected and turned into wood flour. It then combined with virgin and/or recycled plastic resin, and blended with pigments to make pellets of more than 20 different colours. These pellets are then combined to make a range of products of various colours through a heated extrusion process. The elements and the way they are combined makes Biowood a very durable, stable, attractive, easy to use, recyclable building product.

         Biowood can use for interior and exterior architectural decoration such as outdoor wall panelling, indoor wall panelling, celling panel, roofing, louver, flooring, decking, Skirting and much more.

   Save our Planet
         At GRM, we support in using sustainable farm trees.

         We are proud to announce that our GRM composite products have been accredited by

            -Singapore Green Building Council
            -Malaysia Green Building Confederation
            -Green Building Council Indonesia
            -Green Building Council Australia

         Also, our quality system for design and manufacture has been reached the requirement of ISO 9001-2008

   Reason to Choose Us

         • Similar to applications of natural wood products.
         • Having the beauty of natural timber appearances and environmentally Friendly.
         • Have more variable shade of colors and textures.
         • Weather/Humidity/Mould/Rust/Water/Termite Resistant.
         • No rotten problem.
         • Light weight, sound proof and Life long validity.
         • Fire insulation and no toxic chemical substance.
         • Can be extruded into various shapes by using any conventional woodworking tools.
         • Can be sawed, nailed, screwed and bended.
         • More durable and low maintenance cost compared to real wood.
         • Can be used both internal and external decoration with innovation standardized equipment.

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GRM (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the official distributor of Biowood Products in Thailand
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